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Are you a property owner who would like to sell? Then you are just at the right place.

We offer 2 options: normal sale or discrete sale.

1. VIP property acquisition:

We organize and offer the best processes to attract the right buyer for your property (professional photos, Drone photos if required, custom sales promotions, marketing throughout Europe, collaboration with all agents on the island, manage of energy certificate and habitability certificate…).

2. Confidentiality:

Soluxuslife will not share information about the property being managed in Top Secret to people that Soluxuslife does not consider to be possible buyers of said property.

3. Collaboration:

Soluxuslife has agents from different parts of the world, so we reach many more potential buyers.

4. Free valuation of the property:

We carry out a valuation of the property giving it a price as close as possible to the market, that way we will get a more real price of the property and with it more probabilities of a quick sale.

5. Taxes:

We calculate in the case of the seller the expenses that he would have when selling the property (MUNICIPAL PLUSVALÍA) and in the case of the buyer the taxes to pay when making the purchase of the property (ITP, IAJD… etc)

6. Management:

We manage all the procedures that have to be carried out with respect to the purchase-sale operation, assuming the expenses of said procedures.

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